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    need multi domain host w/ ASPJPEG


    Looking for a Windows host who would let me do the following/have the following:

    one account
    MS SQL 2000

    20 domain names pointed to one folder.
    20 other domain names pointed to another folder.

    Basically i have 4 types of sites: homes, cars, boats, and bikes. For each type, I own like 5-20 domain names. I need each of the 5-20 to point to a specific folder on the account such as homes, bikes, etc. So when they type in it knows to go to the subfolder called homes and pull that index.asp page. Also need email for one domain and the rest to forward to that domain...

    Is that possible to do on one account?

    What is the cost per month from a proven relable and stable host? Please let me know...


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    What you're looking for [by the look of it] is a Reseller account where you can create as many domains inside your server management software and administer all aspects of your domains from the 1 interface. This is not domain pointing but top level domain hosting software that web hosts commonly use to create domains on their servers.

    I post this because it looks like noone else will give you any feedback. Other members can jump in here and give you some info on companies that can provide you with what you need. Or there is a Request forum down the bottom of this forum for folks like yourself to make a request and have hosts repond with their offers. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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