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    Quote Originally Posted by lightasair View Post
    Can you run MySQL on a Windows server?
    Yes, Mysql can be run on Windows server. I have windows machine and from windows machine itself, i am posting this comment

    And I have mysql installed on my computer as well
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    Linux is definitely more secured and provide FAR BETTER stability, than Windows Server.

    In case of crash Windows Server boots into stupid recovery, but linux try to recover himself (fsck etc.)
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    Thanks a lot .

    Thanks a lot my friend..This article make me know more about Unix and Windows Web Hosting,i'll surely choose Unix hosting next time!which is very helpful for the users ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by eSupun View Post
    You have missed a*huge* point here- Security!

    Unix systems are very secured as the risk of getting infected by a malware is very little.
    But Windows!!! That's another thing.
    Maybe on desktops, but for web hosting this is not true. There is far more malware designed for Linux based hosting, due to it's popularity, than for Windows servers.

    See ClamAV/clamdb for example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imcool View Post
    i want to open a forum website , so what type of hosting do i need?
    I would recommend Linux hosting for forum website. It will be cheaper and also linux is more secure than Windows.
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    Apart from the fact that this is a six year old thread, please lets not continue with the Windows-is-less-secure myth. Thanks - Is your site up?
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