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    Arrow London Docklands Colocation VoIP offers

    We are currently providing the following offers for webhostingtalk members:

    Hosting in Redbus 2, Meridian Gate, London UK

    1U server Colo, .5 amps, 340gb monthly transfer, no setup fee, monthly contract - 32.50 Monthly

    1U server Colo, .5 amps, 680gb Monthly transfer, no setup fee, monthly contract - 37.50 Monthly

    FREE remote reboots
    FREE 24/7 access
    Quality QoS badwidth
    Direct connection to Black Diamond layer 3 switch
    fully burstable (guaranteed) to port speed (100mps)

    Call us and have a chat about your requirement

    Available on:

    MSN - [email protected]
    Skype - a1isp-support
    Yahoo - a1isp

    We have many VoIP customers from as near as the UK and Ireland and as far afield as the USA. Try us today!

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    I'm confused, what have these colo offers got to do with VoIP?

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    The big thing now is VoIP. People want to host VoIP servers in data centres as serious bandwidh can mean serious money can be made! upto £1.20 per hour per channel can be made (our best rateon a conference server) and on a dual 3.0ghz CPU server, you can run up to 500 consecutive channels.

    However, this the bandwidth is crp, you will not hold your customers for long. If a host has VoIP customers that have sustained their hosting and added servers, it shows how good te bandwidth is. Especially as VoIP is probably he most sensitive of all the IP based services one could offer.

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    * 2UGamers Package Awesome Deal!

    One more package to add:

    2U rack space (1 2U or 2X1U servers)
    > 1 amp power
    > 12 IP Addresses
    > 2000GB monthly transfer
    > Meridian Gate, Redbus data Centre, London Docklands
    > FREE reboots
    > FREE 24/7 Access
    > unrestricted 100mps port (burst up to port speed, any time, no restrictions)
    > QoS Vlan for VoIP, Gaming etc to ensure Quality, low latency bandwidth
    > Layer 3 Switch connectivity, direct connection
    > MONTHLY Contract, Renew if you are happy with the service!
    > Servers posted back to you at COST PRICE, NO STORAGE FEES
    > we know you will stay with us!

    only £85.00 per month

    Tel: +44 (0)207 099 8373
    Email: [email protected]
    msn: [email protected]

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