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    How much do u think this may cost?

    if im going to sell this website , How much do u think it may cost?

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    Maybe more if it did not say "REPORT CHEATER"?

    Maybesomething better or just not at all?
    Maybe I am just crazy? lol
    Nothing Special: True Archive , just my lil archive for fun... maybe turn into something more?

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    More information please.

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    A more 'professional' layout would encourage buyers to become more interested in your website.

    Just a suggestion.

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    Well the main feature here is not the design but the unique service it does,
    Actually its a 1 month old website, and im still not promoting it yet, i just place a banner to my other sites and i have already 60 active members to date.
    It still on the testing process to check if there is bug and how much bandwidth it uses. So far everything is good.

    So may be you are interested to continue this site just email your offer to [email protected].
    Once i start promoting it next week July 10, i will not sell it anymore.

    Remember this is not common exchange service but this is an unique and original traffic exchange service.
    Nothing on the web offer the same service.
    So give me your best offer.


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