H-Sphere $6 7G/1G -- $25 19/2.5G Free NS, IPs, adult ok

TheCartCompany.com offers the H-Sphere control panel, custom name servers, dedicated IPs and unlimited domains/databases for one monthly price. We charge only for bandwidth and disk usage. MySQL, mail box and Postgree space are measured separately from web space.

Custom packages and pricing are available via direct e-mail. Not in forum please.

For example... Our reseller 'B' package includes 1500MB disk, 11G actual transfer and 200MB of MySQL disk, 200MB of Postgree disk and 200MB of Mail disk. All for $15 a month.

$10 Reseller A = 7G/1G
$15 Reseller B = 11G/1.5G
$20 Reseller C = 15G/2G
$25 Reseller D = 19G/2.5G

$6 Individual Silver = 3G/500MB
$12 Individual Gold = 6G/1G
$24 Individual Platinum = 12G/2G

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All credit card paid accounts are activated instantly. Checks are moderated manually and require you to use PayPal. E-mail us to pay by check.


Brett Doyle
[email protected]