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    Quote Originally Posted by magucr View Post
    so if users need to reset their mysql password trough their cpanel they need to know the old password? this is just plain stupid.
    Cpanel/WHM password is not the same as the mysql root pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bear View Post
    Cpanel/WHM password is not the same as the mysql root pass.
    huh? and whos saying that?

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    When you click on change password, there is a buttom called sync passwords with mysql, click that and then job done,


    You can do what another user has said and make a new user in mysql.

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    I know that, thanks but I am not asking for help, I am just criticizing the fact that you have to know the old password in order to reset it. It does not make any sense.

    Also, It is not a good idea to have both cpanel and mysql passwords synchronized, It's actually a documented security issue.

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    login to cpanel and from there change the pass word easily, of your db username, you can change all the passwords, if you can solve it, re create the mysql database..

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