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    Question Open question for any reseller using SHARED SSL for their virtual domains! HELP!

    Hi all -

    I have a question for any resellers that
    currently use SHARED SSL for their clients'
    domains...I desperately need to know how this
    is done! It probably will sound stupid to a lot
    of you on these boards, but I'm a total newbie!

    I am a reseller...and also host many virtual
    domains that I own...on the same virtual server.
    I am wanting to set up a shared SSL server that
    I can use for all of the domains on the server.

    MANY hosts offer this! I just need to know
    how to set it up...and if it HAS TO BE a
    certain kind of certificate - such as a wildcard
    or a shared cert...OR can I just create a
    new domain as the registrant of the site cert...
    and then have subdirectories for the other
    domains under that secure site? How do you set
    them up? Are they just regular subdirs or do
    they actually just point to the virtual domains

    I own (yeah, don't I wish! )
    My clients are on virtually hosted domains:

    I now register, host it on
    the same server as the others (IP-based, of
    course) and use that site to get a certificate.

    If has an order form that needs to
    be secure...can't they just link directly to:
    (...and get no message about domain names not
    matching? Will this work?)

    I don't mind, and neither do my clients, that
    we would have to use the oddball-named server
    and not our OWN domain name in the secure URL,
    so I don't suppose any redirects and the like
    would be called for. I'm not totally sure how
    some hosts do that. I know that in one of my virtually hosted accounts, all I had to do was
    put the html page (ex: orderform.html) in my
    main folder, but CALL it through the secure server...not quite sure how that works. It
    looks like that page is on the secure server,
    when it actually is in my main folder. Can
    anyone explain that to me in plain English?
    Maybe that's where the redirects come in?????

    Is that it? Is there anything that I'm missing
    here? It almost seems TOO simple!
    (other than the price if I am forced to use a
    shared/multiple/wildcard cert! I can't afford
    that yet! )

    Please reply if you know anything at all about
    this stuff - I really need to get some domains
    going with the shared SSL as soon as I can!



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    As a resller all you can really do is setup a secure domain and create sub domains off it. Then call them

    That works as long as a static order form is all they need. If they have a shopping cart that switches to a secure area on checkout it becomes a little more complicated than that. Then as a resller it is better to give them a static IP and let them get a cert of their own.

    A regular cert works just fine. If you want to see it in action email me [email protected] and I will give you some URLs to see how it looks from a client side.

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    What if the whole order or shopping cart is created in that subfolder?? will it work? (im' new too can you tell?)

    I am planning to design my clients website and host it using a reseller program. then I would just create sub-domains for each client and have all content SSL cert.. does that sounds good???



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