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    My New Bike (Pics)

    I bought a new bike. About a month ago I started looking at them, and the top-of-the-line Schwinn Moab was what I liked, it was also the last year in which they were made by Schwinn and not Pacific. However, I left but with school and such I forgot about it, and never returned at all.

    After riding Schwinn's almost exclusively for my whole lifeI went back on Saturday and looked and bought a 2003 Trek 6700. I have rode freestyle (street & dirt), but have been taking nice long bike rides, and going through some rough terrain. It'll also get my rear out of the house more as well. For those who ask, it was $819 (pedals were clip ones, but switched those as well as the tires - do a lot of street riding).

    I made the mistake of riding it home. It was 7.14 miles. Did I mention it was 95F outside? Well on the way home there were some trails - so I thought I would ride through them and get home quicker. Well I didn't get home any faster, and only got extremely tired and I then exited right where I went in. Then there was some construction so I had to go around. Very tiring.
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    I almost have that exact bike, except with rock shox Judy Boxers. I love riding, it is the only thing that keeps me fit.

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