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Thread: APF Correct

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    APF Correct


    i install APF and RUN to Server
    i don`t know my APF is Coorect or no !

    [email protected] [/]# apf -t
    APF Status Log:
    Feb 01 01:57:54 server apf(11506):
    firewall initalized
    Feb 01 01:57:54 server apf(11565): {glob} default (ingress) input drop
    Feb 01 01:57:54 server apf(11565): {glob} default (egress) output drop

    what is meaning >> firewall initalized << ?????

    thanks ?

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    chica go go
    "initialized" is a big word for "started".

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    Issue a iptables -L in the commandline and you will be able to see the firewall rules.
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