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    Whats like ??


    I have been thinking about getting some hosting off JNP Hosting

    I have found a really good offer, its $34.95 (USA) or 23 (UK) per year

    Can you visit the offer from the link below and tell me what you think please

    JNP Hosting



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    I think it looks like every other no-backup, one deep hosting shop run off rackshack. Great for low cost hosting - so if you have a site that you aren't making $$ off and reliability isn't a big issue, go for it - if not, you'd better up your target price range. Please don't do it then come back complaining support response times are crap or your server is overloaded - you won't get much sympathy!

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    Not all clients of rackshack are bad hosts. Ill agree most are, but some experienced server admins are fine on there servers. RS opens the door for newbies to get a server, get clients and have it crash every other day. However an admin with some knowledge can run one of their servers. Preinstaleld with a control panel.

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    I never said they were bad. But you can't get the reliability a firewalled, daily tape-backup host can give you at rackshack.

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    A couple concerns....

    1 I couldn't find them in a search on google

    2 Their support page only takes a web form submission and does not post a phone number

    3 Some things they do which is not standard:

    a) They have a $25 early cancellation fee

    b) All refunds are subject to a $5 fee plus 20% of hosting plan cost

    Take a look here.....

    Sometimes you can find out much more about a company by reading their acceptable use policy.

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