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    Angry Nodehosting... again.


    Status ERROR!

    Uptime 95.17%

    For 3 hours, 51 mins

    Next Test 14 mins


    The last 10 changes in status for this server are listed below.

    Date Time Description Duration

    06.30.2002 12:01 No reply 3 hours, 51 mins
    06.29.2002 12:50 Timeout 1 hour, 6 mins
    06.26.2002 00:03 Connection refused 1 hour, 6 mins

    i started the monitor after the 3 or so days of downtime.... around the 23rd or so.
    when i get back from this trip, i'm going to cancel with nodehosting and sign up with gearhost. this is just too much.

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    Sorry to hear that. In fact, my Helpdesk queries which I posted since June 14th has not been responsed as yet. I actually placed 2 requests for cancellation since June 17th and June 20th and subsequently via email and ICQ after but none was responsed despite assurance over here by NodeHosting support that they would response to the helpdesk queries.

    I am not sure what is happening. I just hope that I do not get charged for subsequent month since I place my cancellation over 2 weeks ago. It would be nice if they just stop the recurring charges at 2checkout. then not too bad.

    Hope everything is fine and not another shutdown situation. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    3 days of downtime?? i'd be moving that site to a more reliable another host asap!!

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