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    I'm new to this part .. Some questions I have

    I'm setting up a service focused on online database applications, but one of the packages we will offer include the registration and hosting of domain names for our clients. I've never done this before.. so I was wondering : how do you do that in a proffesional way ? What are the procedures for that ? What kind of options does our (yet to order) webserver got to have ? We assume that the amount of domain names will be about 200+ in the first year , mostly ".com" and local ".be" names.

    All tips are welcome.

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    I'm still a newbe but learning. One tip I'd like to pass on -

    if you plan to sell and host lots of .BE domains, make a seperate site for them than the dot com. Keep the .be none English with a clear link to the English dot com. I find that my customers prefer hosts who speek their own languages

    I'v still to decide to go with registration and servers - but shop around your self, compare - and if you see 2 or 3 good choices - try them out yourself.

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    yes definatley keep the 2 sperate, .BE and .COM

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    may i ask, what country is .be extensions for ? and is it a tld ?


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    According to this, it's Belgium.


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