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Thread: HostSave Sucks

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    * HostSave Sucks

    I really really hate HostSave.

    They have no support.

    I used to have about a dozen accounts with them. I now resell, so I sent them an email to cancel all my account before they were billed again. They had me confirm some info, so I sent them an email with credit cards, passwords, etc. Two weeks later, no response. Still have an active account. They bill all my accounts!

    Now I'm stuck with them not answering my emails, and still billing my accounts.

    I tried calling Affinity, no luck.

    What do you suggest I do now? I'm going to keep emailing both Affinity and Hostsave, hoping someone will do something...

    Maybe contact the credit card company and dispute the charges?

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    only dispute the charges as a last result...

    keep trying by email and by phone until you finally have figured out that there is no possible way to get ahold of them and get the problem solved. Then dispute it with your credit card.

    But disputing it with the credit card company should always be the very very last resort.
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