i recently signed up for a cobranded webhosting service with community architect, they had asked me to chnage my dns setting which i asked my webhost to do.after changing the dns my email service (provided by oemmail) stopped working everytime i would try to login to the email pages themail.iomx.com and themail.iomx.com/login ...i get a message stating this site is availabe(this is due to the free subdomain provided with the webhosting serice...eg freeservers.com).i email community architect and gave them my original dns setting of the email asking them to change the dns in order for my email service to work which they did....but the email service still doesnt work.i still recive the same message ,when go to the email url.then again email community architect and asked them what was wrong they emailed me the zone file and asked me to tell them if anything if wrong with it.i dont know anything about zone file and stuff.

At this time this is the zone file for your domain:

IN MX 10 mail.oemmail.com.

www IN CNAME iomx.com.
ftp IN CNAME iomx.com.
webmail IN CNAME siteurl.everyone.net.
pop IN CNAME pop.communityarchitect.com.
themail IN CNAME web.oemmail.com.

If there is something that is not correct please let me know so that I
can make the corrections.

can anybody help me???????