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    web based dns server administration

    I have a web based dns administration package I put together for my company awhile back that I've been cleaning up and I decided it might be worth selling but it needs a bit of work in the setup department first. The question I have would people be willing to purchase it? some information about it...

    it never takes over config files. It will edit the config files itself. There is a database between the scripts and the config files, but its only to cache the changes so the code is not accessing the file all the time. (But if changes are made to the file before the cache is sent to the file it will update those changes into the cache)

    it allows you to set what a user can edit for example give the user access to A, CNAME, MX, NS, but keep them away from PTR, SOA, SRV, KEY, and TXT

    it handles any bind zone file all record types are supported

    you can even allow users to add domains on their own if you want

    This script is designed around system administrators that would much rather control the server via the command line and that's why I set it up to deal with the config files directly instead of the script taking over.

    Now I was thinking if people are interested the price would be something like $50 for the script and minor updates including something like 1 month of support. This is all just thinking right now, but if people are actually interested ill fix up this script for outside use.

    now in case people wonder what it looks like ive attached a screenshot below. Btw this is not somthing that is just in the planning stages the code is finished it just needs to be cleaned up before i release it apon the world
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    If it could be made to do some things like ultraDNS and look really good i would pay more then $50 bucks for sure.. Support for updating more then one server would be great as well..
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    dont think i have herd of ultradns but ill take a look at it, and what you dont like my badass layout design

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    another question, anyone intrested in djbdns support. filters are a pain in the ass, but i made this thing with the ability to support other servers just didnt write support for anything else.

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