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    * Professional Webdesigner - Cheap pay - great work!

    This is purely for the fact I just want to add as many sites to my portfolio as possable.

    I'm willing to design full websites, or simple templates, along with FULL php/mysql codeing aswell.

    Like I said, this is purely for portfolio work so pay will be at low cost. Probably cheaper than anywhere else you can find.

    I have designed many sites, and have my own hosting co., so I know what I'm doing. If anyone is interested contact me now. I don't want any big full time jobs as I have enough work as it is.

    First come, first serve. Email for url's of sites I've worked on etc to: [email protected]
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    Im interesting
    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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    Originally posted by phugo

    Im interesting
    No fair, I'm boring (couldnt resist )

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    Originally posted by PatrickWells

    No fair, I'm boring (couldnt resist )

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