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    I could make you a template. Whats you budget? Email if yiu are interested.
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    My budget is really small, Iīm looking for someone to do the design in exchange for some hosting and maybe some cash, but I canīt give much money.

    It would be great If a webdesigner who wants to expand his/her portfolio could design the site for some hosting.

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    Is your budget like $12?

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    Yeah, my budget is like $12, I donīt want to spend too much money since itīs an easy project.

    I have another offer:

    You(anyone of you out there) design the site and keeps it running, I provide the domain name and hosting, we share all ad revenue.

    This is a "hobby project", I just want to make something with the domain.

    Iīm sure thereīs someone out there who want to create a site but doesnīt have money for a domain name and hosting.

    Let me know if youīre interested

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    We buy Hosts.
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