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Thread: How's Epik

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    How's Epik

    A lot of hosts use Epik, but I have actually never heard of it. Someone told me it was bad bandwidth but I'm not sure if he really knows what he's talking about.
    Could someone give me any info about reliability?

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    EPIK is a carrier in the Southeast headquartered in Orlando.

    They own their own fiber in most of Florida and a route up to Atlanta and are a subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries (NYSE: FLA)

    Outside of their own fiber, they primarily use Level3 for transit but they are beginning to build there footprint west of Florida and Georgia with plans to reach Texas.

    Overall, I would say you can't go wrong with Epik bandwidth. It is usually not cheap bandwidth, but I have space next to theirs, and can see that they run a good operation.

    Check out their site at

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    Not like this matters but they are for sale by their parent company.

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    They did some really ugly stuff to a host I know over one of his customers sending spam. They blocked all traffic to and from the IP addy on the first complaint with no investigation. Then when the host complained, they pulled his plug entirely.

    No complaints about their bandwidth though.

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    epik also did some really ugly stuff to another host I know...

    don't think its the same one as drew's though

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    i could be worng

    I could be wrong but didnt epic fiile for bankruptcy, or was going to? carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
    Charles Baker - Company Operations

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    Not sure about any of the bankruptcy stuff.. But there bandwidth is very good. We are right on there fiber ring here in orlando its nice.. So far so good..
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    Re: i could be worng

    Originally posted by cbaker17
    I could be wrong but didnt epic fiile for bankruptcy, or was going to?

    i was going to say something
    but i didnt

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    I am not sure if they filed for bankruptcy as they are actually part of a larger corporation. They are for sale and word on the street is Progress may buy them.

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