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  1. #1 - rebuilt products and pricing - not cheap, just common sense! has gone through a rebuild of our product packages and pricing.

    As far as prices go, nothing is free, and its definitely not cheaper than everyone else. We would like to still be in business in a year.

    Our goal is to provide honest, friendly service to small and mid-size businesses needing website and Cobalt/RedHat server hosting.

    We are small, we dont forget your name and we dont want to grow into the next WorldCom.

    All support is done by tier-3 level expertise whether via email or phone. We will do Linux/Oracle/etc. builds onsite for you. We can perform console debugging over the phone with you while you are out on a date and the boss cant get his/her email. In other words, we arent another automated v-server shop. We have Tier-1, local ISP, IT and .com sysadmin/syseng experience.


    [email protected]

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    On a side note I must say, GREAT site! I love the layout and design.

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