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    Get Network Solutions to JUMP!!! Contact the BBB!

    I finally got Network Solutions to work for me. In August 2001, I initiated a transfer of my domain from NetSol to The transfer never went through and when I contacted them, they said, "Sorry, the domain name expired in the middle of the transfer!"

    The domain name was supposedly marked for deletion for 5 months. I e-mailed them multiple times and they kept saying "Sorry there is nothing we can do! Why don't you just register for SnapNames?" I called NetSol several times and they said, "We can't help you over the phone -- why don't you just e-mail out tech support?"

    I was fed up and I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. A few days later, I received a call from someone from NetSol. I spoke with someone named Jennifer and she was somewhat helpful. She just kept saying, "We will push your domain name transfer request through, but you will need to be patient..." I wasn't exactly holding my breath.

    One week later, I GOT THE DOMAIN NAME BACK!!! BOOYEAH!!! I am very grateful, but I am still upset that I had to register a complaint before I received any help. I think Network Solutions is very unprofessional and they have the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with professionally.

    Anyway, I know that many people here have similar experiences with NetSol. I highly reccomend complaining to the BBB!!!

    WOO HOO!

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    Congrats! Pretty soon there won't be much of NetSol left

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