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    Question Is it safe to kill all sleeping and zombie processes?

    is it safe to kill all sleeping and zombie processes

    whats the command?

    i have some apache processes that have been running for over 8 hours.. is this normal? how do i set it right?

    thanks for any help

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    I think for zombies, just give them a few moments, and they will be re-parented ti init, and I believe init will end them.

    As for sleeping processes, do not kill them. They are simply processes that are currently not running. They may be waiting on IO resources, etc. No reason to kill them. If you are sure you don't have a need for them, then stop the service.

    It is normal for apache to have some extra processes lying around. You can configure this number in httpd.conf. This is the MaxSpareServer setting I believe.


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    Yes, do not kill sleeping processes All services in listen mode e.g. ftpd, httpd, sshd are sleeping unless someone wakes them up
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    Originally posted by masood
    [...] are sleeping unless someone wakes them up
    Well said
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