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    WHNBilling July 4th Special

    This weeks special is vaild until July 5th. Remember to provide the special coupon to get the special pricing. This is not available on our website.

    WHNBilling is designed by a web hosting company, for web hosting companies. WHNBilling is designed to give you complete automation with your billing. If you have Cpanel installed, we have designed our system so that once you install the system, you have complete automation from the point of signup with real time credit processing, to recurring billing using either major credit card or check, and money order. WHNBilling encrypts all credit cards for maximum security.

    System Requirements [*] PHP4 [*] MySQL 3.x[*] Supports CyberCash,, Payment Planet, BluePay and Echo-Inc[*] Zend Optimizer
    [**] CPanel for automated signup feature

    WHNBilling has been tested to work on Windows2000 Servers, Linux, FreeBSD and even Cobalt RaQ machines!

    Other Requirements [*] Curl compiled into php and have SSL support

    Feature Highlights[*] Reseller System - Allow's instant account activations and automatic account create inside Cpanel for Resellers![*] Don't have a merchant account? How about purchasing WHNBilling and getting a free INSTANT merchant account![*] Updated and streamlined new interface for both Admin / Clients area[*] All code is encoded using Zend Encoder.[*] Editable tax support (added at request of a customer in which they have local (or) state tax requirements[*] Trial Feature - Get the simplicity of two worlds - instant account creations and pending authorizations (puts all new invoices in pending queue so you can review them and make sure they are legitimate)[*] Lost Password feature - allow your clients to obtain their login details automatically[*] Send a courtesy email to all your customers on a daily basis that will be billed in XX days so they are aware of such charges[*] Using AVS and CVV2 (if supported by your gateway), ability to reject live transactions that do not match either address or zip code [*] Automatic credit card billing on anniversary or prorate date of account signup [*] Automatically send's out invoices for non-cc accounts which may be billed by check or money order [*] Interfaces into CPANEL with full automated signup and optional instant credit card processing on signup [*] Integrated Fraud detection (if supported by your clearing house) [*] Quick and easy navigation system allowing you to get to the information you need fast! [*] Heavily Encrypts all credit cards using RC4 encryption before storage in MySQL [*] Users can login themselves and update billing information, view accounts and invoices [*] Allows one time charges to a customer account [*] Full support for packages [*] Fully integrated refund system [*] Interfaces seamlessly into Cybercash / BluePay / / / Echo-Inc[*] Custom Report Generating system for: Revenue/Signups/Customers/Transactions. [*] Easy to setup signup emails, invoice headers and footers [*] Ability to email all customers in billing system using one form. [*] Cpanel Version: Ability to cluster servers and setup WHNBilling to setup accounts on any server you specify [*] Multi-User login ability [*] 2 step Account Addition with ability to auto-create invoices [*] Automatic notice sent to customers with declined cc, instructing them to update their account [*] Ability to use our system with complete automation, even if you offer a free trial period, accounts will be setup, credit card wont be billed, instead you run the invoice semi-manually, meaning you just hit a button to process any pending transactions [*] Minor Upgrades / Fixes for Life! [*] Simple 1 screen setup display[*] Ability for customers to change their billing password for the clients area

    Whats to come in near future versions?
    • Ability to add mass coupons and discounts so you can run multiple sales. Take off 20% with YourCode101...Take off 24% with YourCode102....
    • Ability to issue a "mass discount" to all customers. Example: You have a server down, you guarantee 99.99% Uptime and you fell short that month, Simple! Make your selections in the pre-formatted form for the package you would like to allocate the discount to and 1 minute later, you just gave your customers a 5% discount for the downtime last month!
    • Complete logging of all admins that login to WHNBilling
    • Linkpoint Pro gateway addon, Paypal addon

    What a few current customers say about WHNBilling...........from their own words
    • After trying numerous billing solutions, none compared to Web Hosting Networks billing software WHNBIlling. Its ease of installation and use makes complex management a simple everyday task. WHNBilling gave us more time to focus on other tasks than billing. Total automation and total control is what we needed and we can't be happier.
    • We have used many billing solutions before, none matched the automation, ease and simplicity of WebHosting Billing. It'd be safe to say that it's perhaps the ultimate automated billing solutions for CPANEL/WHM.
    • We have some positive comments about WHNBilling. I think it is going to be the recommended software to all our resellers in our next newsletter.

    [#] Current Special Pricing for WHT Customers (Coupon Code: WHT0704)

    With this Special you will get a free copy of AbusePack - Watch over your network and make sure none of your customers are abusing your resources!

    For an additonal $95.00 you can get ServerMove - Move an entire Cpanel Server in just hours!

    WHNBilling Professional Tier1 - Special Discount: 35% off
    Purchasing Price: $194.99 (normal pricing $299.99)
    Savings with this special: $104.99

    WHNBilling Professional Tier2 - Special Discount: 40% off
    Purchasing Price: $419.99 (normal pricing $699.99)
    Savings with this special: $279.99

    Custom Install: $50.00 (50% off)

    *These prices are valid only until July 5th, 2002

    [#] View our Demo System by visiting
    [#] Email our Sales Department with any questions
    [email protected]
    [*]You can buy WHNBilling at[*]You can check out our FAQ Section at
    [*]Check out our new Partners Program! Earn up to $100 per referral![*]Coming Soon! Reseller Rates! Great for webhosting companies that want to resell our software to their customers or others

    FYI: At this time, we have no plans on adding Revcom or Worldpay or 2checkout to our gateway selection. This may change in the in future but at this time we have no plans on integrating either system.
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    I'm right behind you.
    Now that's a long post
    Marketing For Hosting Companies:
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    this program rocks! highly recommended......
    I have servers at: NetDepot/GNAX (A), SoftLayer (A), LiquidWeb (B+), DedicatedNow (B+), Nectartech (B) and more!
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    I agree with universal2001. This software is great and highly recommended for the price.
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    Thank you both for your great recommendations

    Web Hosting Network now offers Remote Hosting which allows you to lease our software on a monthly basis. We will house the software on our billing server which is a sole server with no shared hosting customers on it and has a firewall setup for maximum protection.

    You can learn more about our Remote Hosting at
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    This is just something I Wanted to share, I am not bad mouthing anyone, put I felt I was not given the level of respect that I should have,

    DimeLive: Hello
    DimeLive: I been talking to Chad, and he is recommending your software
    AlaskanGreyFox: ic
    DimeLive: but $489 is a hefty price
    DimeLive: I been really leaning towards MB
    DimeLive: they have a sale like you for $225 now
    AlaskanGreyFox: where did you get $489?
    WHNBilling Professional Tier 2 - Special Discount: 30% off
    Purchasing Price: $489.99 (normal pricing $699.99)
    Savings with this special: $209.99

    AlaskanGreyFox: our tier1 is $224
    AlaskanGreyFox: our system is worth alot more then Modernbill
    AlaskanGreyFox: you get what you pay for, ever heard of that?
    DimeLive: Yes, but see what I am afraid of is...
    DimeLive: that there is stuff on WHN
    DimeLive: that i don't need
    DimeLive: so why pay for it...
    AlaskanGreyFox: then dont use it
    DimeLive: what is tier1
    DimeLive: and teir2
    DimeLive: no explanation on site...
    DimeLive: and the demo was taken off
    AlaskanGreyFox: haha, sorry but this is a funny chat, are you new to web hosting?
    AlaskanGreyFox: there is, check the links
    DimeLive: please don't play a smart**
    DimeLive: I am inquirying info
    DimeLive: I deserve some repesct
    AlaskanGreyFox: give me a break and loosen up
    AlaskanGreyFox: If you feel you want to go with modern bill, go for it, Im ending this chat, thanks and have a nice day
    DimeLive: I ask you what is tier 1 and teir 2 it is not your business to assume anyone has the level of knowledge as you
    AlaskanGreyFox: I sent you the links
    AlaskanGreyFox: The diff is 1 is encoded, 2 is not
    DimeLive: AlaskanGreyFox: haha, sorry but this is a funny chat, are you new to web hosting?
    DimeLive: what kind of response is that?
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    AlaskanGreyFox: hey kid you there
    DimeLive: Kid?
    AlaskanGreyFox: how old are you?
    AlaskanGreyFox: anyway, is there a problem? do you not have a sense of humor?
    AlaskanGreyFox: chad said you a pretty cool guy and had a sense of humor
    AlaskanGreyFox: anyway, later kid, i dont need your business, please take it elswhere
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    HAHA so what kid, Ever heard of a sense of humor?

    It seems you dont have a sense of humor at all and when you im me which I have no clue why Chad gave you my IM, I do not use AIM, ICQ or ANY other chat for business purposes. If you have sales or technical inquires, take them though the correct channels.

    AIM's etc in my mind are for personal use, not business and I will handle them that way.

    No where does it say "Contact us by AIM" if you have sales questions now does it?? didnt think so

    Anyway, the 4th of july special is over either way
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    ooow what a smart kid, you know how to copy and paste. I better give you a reward for that!!
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