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Thread: raq550?

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    anyone offering raq550 yet? are they even available?

    i just noticed has them up, but unavailable. at $199 a month. ouch.

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    192 offers Raq550 now...they said available 3 - 15 days after deal!

    cost = US $225/month,

    Is this cheap or expensive?

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    Plattforms: RaQ3, RaQ4, RaQ XTR, RaQ550 and Qube3

    Upgrades OpenSSH to version 3.3p1 which was released June 21 2002.


    Plattforms: (NEW) RaQ550 and Qube3 / (OLD) RaQ3 and RaQ4

    Installs Amavis and Kaspersky Labs personal Anti-Virus for Linux to scan all
    inbound and outbound emails for virii. Infected emails will be stopped and
    quarantined. Sender, Recipient and server admin will receive notification
    when infected mails are intercepted.

    Please note: The Qube3 version (only Qube3) also upgrades Sendmail to version
    8.12.3 with Milter support for enhanced performance.

    An XTR version is planned.

    Blowchunks Module:

    Plattforms: All SUN/Cobalt RaQs and Qubes

    All Apache versions prior to Apache-1.3.26 are vulnerable to the "chunked
    encoding" attack with which an attacker can gain elevated privileges and
    possibly root access.

    Mr. Chris Bailiff released an Apache Module with which "chunked encoding"
    attacks against Apache can be stopped and logged. This module can be
    installed on any SUN/Cobalt RaQ to enhance its protection until SUN/Cobalt
    releases a patch which fixes the problem.
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    nice pitch for your company raqport.

    exactly how are you sure you have more knowledge than another company about RAQs??

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    thanks skylab - I was going to say something, but conflict of interest gets in the way...

    however, raqport does all us Cobalt admins an incredible service by sponsoring the 3rd-party Cobalt packages. I'm not sure whether RaqPort makes the packages, provides distribution or a combination of both, but its cool nonetheless.

    How that all fits into "buy more expensive RaqPort rather than cheaper ServerRack" based on RaqPort's expertise, I'm not sure about.

    I like Raq's because they are appliances. The customer doesnt have too many options to break things - even the dedicated customers with root tend to keep their hands off. Try that with a straight RedHat box, no control panel and a customer who knows just enough to get logged in and type "rm -Rf"!

    IMHOP, Raq internal expertise shouldnt enter into the sales equation too much unless you or your clients are doing really weird things to your Cobalt. Otherwise, its an appliance and it needs to be fed patches on demand.

    But, thats just my opinion. BTW, Alex, the virus scan pkg looks good. If it tests out ok, then its a definite install for our managed customer build.

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