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    Any providers offer custom OS?

    Hey, I'm looking for a VPS provider that can install Trixbox for me. It's a CentOS based install, and it's all extremely straight forward. Basically slap the disc in and it does most of the install on it's own.

    Here's the requirements I need:

    CPU MUST be able to peak over 500mhz
    Ram must be 512MB or more
    BW 100GB or more
    NO control panel needed.
    10 or 100Mbps port is okay.
    Storage can be minimal 5-10GB is sufficient.

    I'm looking for a budget under $45/month.

    Alot of the people I've talked to won't do custom installs. Is there anyone who does, that can do it in this range?

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    It really depends on if Virtuozzo supports it, or any other VPS software.

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    This is a rather rare request.

    You're better off looking for hosts with KVM over IP.

    KVM over IP allows you to view the terminal as if you're right there, without using SSH.

    So you just have to provide an ISO, the host will mount it and you can set it up yourself.

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    I think it wouldn't be so hard for any Xen VPS provider to set that up for you, if you can provide a rpmstrap script and the RPMs of that distro. If you don't understand what I'm talking about (rpmstrap), maybe you should get in touch with me (using instant messenging for example), and I'll explain to you more in details what it is all about.

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