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    Problem Transfering domain...

    My cousin changed the nameservers on his domain name because he got a better host for it elsewhere. It said to allow 48 hours for transfer to take place but now, about 102 hours later the domain comes up in a search engine.

    I also did several looks ups and they all said 'not found'.

    One look up in particular was like this: (he didnt want me to post his domain so I replaced his domain with '')

    DNS lookup

    DNS lookup results:

    Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

    Zone info:

    Host not found: 9(NOTAUTH)
    ; Transfer failed.

    Can about explain this situation and by any chance have any ideas of what I can do???

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    I would suggest that he go back to his domain manager and check to make sure he entered the information correctly.

    Who is his registrar? (hopefully not NETSOL).

    Have him check the new hosts name servers and compare them to the ones he entered in his domain manager, maybe he made a typo.

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    He registered his domain at or One of them two but there both the same anyway.

    He said he can't go back to his domain manager, I blieve all he got was a control panel which was only accessed by

    Anybody got any ideas on what to do?

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    have you tried to acess the domain manager at:

    try using your ftp login and password.
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    However, the IP address to the Cpanel works for him

    This is confusing me now, anybody know of a problem?

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    Knowing the domain name and the new IP addresses would help.

    If you are not comfortable posting them, PM me with them and I'll let you know where I think you are currently at.

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