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    Warning: Roth Capital Partners

    Just as a fair warning to anyone participating in the hosting sector. There is a company calling around currently which will try and squeeze sensitive information pertaining to your hosting business out of your associates. The company goes by the name of Roth Capital Partners and calls with the following number: (310)481-0849.

    They have called our main number two days in a row, speaking to different associates trying to get as much information out of them as possible. I was told that they will try and ask information about your client-base, everything from the amount of customers you currently have to the sq footage you currently lease within a data center. Fortunately my associates were able to spot this before any information was given out.

    I hope this helps those of you that are approached by them.
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    Thanks for the heads up talkwebhosts. I seem to remember another post like this one, not sure if it was the same company.
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    Seems like their a good company, looking at the website. I wonder why a company would do such a thing. Interesting.

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