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    Valueweb - not reachable from verizon,bellsouth

    I have reports from some of my friends that they are not able to reach my website.

    I called valueweb and they say that they updated their name servers last night and they need providers to re-hash their dnsís. The csr I spoke to said that Verizon and Bellsouth donít seem to be complying.

    At this point it seems verizon users are unable to reach my website by entering in the domain name but can reach the website by entering the IP address.

    Are any other valueweb users experiencing this issue?

    Thanks Ė Tom

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    10,574 loads up here on Verizon FiOs. What is your site? Also, you can have your users try doing ipconfig /flushdns in the command line if they are on windows.

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    i have a user in NJ who uses FiOS and they say they can't bring it up.

    I don't have enough posts here to put a direct link to the site in.

    Please try

    www eileenandtomswedding com

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    It works here. Just have them do ipconfig /flushdns as I said and more than likely the problem will be solved . . .

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    Thanks layer0. That's good to hear.

    I personally can not get to the site from my home in NJ using fios. I have ipconfig /flushdns as well as cold rebooting my router.

    I've just got off the phone with valueweb tech support. This is what they explain happened.

    Sometime thursday something happened with ValueWebs DNS servers. Admins saw the problem and reacted to it but at the same time some of Verizon,Bellsouth and Comcast's name servers were updating and now have bad information.

    ValueWeb says that they have contacted the isp's but the isp's won't flush their name servers (re-hash?) because it is not a big enough problem. ValueWeb says that their is nothing more they can do because the problem is on the isp's servers and they can't control them.

    When you call ValueWeb's tech support they play a recording explaining the DNS issue.

    Right now I've got a bunch of save the date cards that went out in the mail on Wednesday directing guests to the web site and I have no way of knowing whether or not our guest will get to it or get a server not found message.

    If anyone knows a way of contacting Verizon and potentially Bellsouth and Comcast and asking them to check into this problem it would be much much appreciated.

    Thanks -- Tom

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    Just wanted to update my particular situation. I am now able to connect to my website from my home using Verizon FiOS.

    I will have a report from two other people who had trouble accessing the website tomorrow morning.

    FWIW, ValueWeb still plays the message on their tech support, regarding BellSouth. I do not know of any specific BellSouth users who could not reach my site.

    If I hear back from those two users that they were able to connect I will close out this thread.

    Thanks for your help -- Tom

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    The place I work uses ValueWeb (not my choice) to host their email and web sites. We couldn't send/receive mail or access our websites from the Verizon DSL connection at work. We also had customers calling complaining they couldn't get to our website.

    Luckily I had the IPs of the website and email servers saved, so I just went around to everyones computer and modified their HOSTS file so they could send and receive emails. I tried some other popular DNS servers but they weren't resolving the domains either. That was yesterday, I didn't bother checking if they resolved today.

    I can't get to it on my home connection still (not Verizon, Comcast or Bellsouth).

    Coming up on 48 hours of downtime...

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    Final update. All of my users seem to be able to connect without issue. Thank you to the ValueWeb support team for helping me and keeping me informed.

    BTW - very impressed with the quality of tech support I received, considering this is a very inexpensive hosting service. Calls were answered with very little wait time and were not off shored.

    Mods can close this thread if they like.

    Thanks for helping -- Tom

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