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    Smile A Great Quality File Hosting Website

    Hello there,

    I would like to sell off my main website, It is a free file hosting service, running on the Mega File Hosting Script by worth $139.

    The script works in the same way as RapidShare, upload a file, receive a download link and then when some one gets to that link, he needs to wait for a few seconds before his download link is ready, or if he is a premium user there is no waiting time.

    The other features that the script provides are split file archives being allowed, resume supported downloads, multiple file downloads etc.

    The script also has multiple server support which i use and definitely recommend. For more details, take a look at

    The site features a unique theme which was custom made for the script and is worth $150.

    There are currently 6944 registered users, with 3237 files uploaded. Files which are not downloaded once in 40 days are automatically deleted.

    Currently we are using two servers and one VPS to run the site, however one of those servers is shared with another friend, so in practice we are using only half of that server.

    Currently the site is using about 130 GB of space and around 6-7 TB of bandwidth a month spread around those two Dedi's and one VPS, so you might be better off looking at cheaper 100mbit unmetered providers such as FDC Servers or AWKNet rather than go for servers with capped bandwidth.

    A single server with 250GB HDD and 2-4 GB RAM would be a good setup to run the site, However, if you can afford to have a dual server setup, that would be the best way to go about it since even if one of the servers is having a problem your site would continue to work.

    And one of your servers can be used to handle the frontend since MySQL usage tends to go over the roof sometimes. I will recommend good providers to the buyer, and the hosting costs can easily be kept under $200-250/mo.
    You don't need server(s)with a high end processor, RAM is the key factor here, apart from bandwidth.

    I will offer full support for one month after the transfer in case you run into any difficulties, and will help you move the site to your server(s).

    The main reason why I'm letting this go is because I need to raise some money for my higher education as I currently need to save money for pursuing my masters.

    So if you are looking for a site that hardly needs any promotion/advertising, or any maintenance but brings in good stable profit each and every month, I would suggest you to look no further.

    I would prefer payments via Electronic Transfer however we can arrange for Paypal incase there are any issues. Please PM for more regarding this.

    The sale thus includes :

    + domain name registered at DomainSite ( Expires 15th June, 2007)
    + MFHS License with Copyright Removal worth $139 (Expires on 28th June, 2007)
    + Website layout with full rights
    + All the files hosted on the server
    + Full support for the first month after the transfer
    + Free transfer of the site to your server(s)

    Revenue Details:
    The site makes on an average $430 /mo from Adsense, and apart from that, it has made around $30 from Chitika, which I found to be quite useless.

    Adsense Earnings November 2006
    Adsense Earnings December 2006
    Adsense Earnings January 2007

    We also have 24 premium members, bringing in $6/mo, some of them have prepaid for 3 months or 6 months in advance
    Premium Members

    It also pulls in around $80-100/mo from paid advertising through paypal.

    The total potential of the site is easily over $800 if you can sell off all the ad spots and if you can get CPM advertising and if you put adversal popups. I believe I have not monetized the site to its full potential.

    Traffic Details:

    The site received ~75,000 unique visitors & and ~1.5 million page views in November and December, however it has gone down in January due to the fact that one of the main boxes we had with was giving constant time outs and since I was busy with my exams I didn't not have the time to sort it out. I have just finished moving all the data from that server over to a VPS and hits should pick up again.

    There are currently 6944 registered users, with 3237 files uploaded. Files which are not downloaded once in 40 days are automatically deleted.

    Nov 2006 Stats
    Dec 2006 Stats
    Jan 2007 Stats

    The site is currently ranked 37,767 in Alexa and is also PR 3 and according to iWebtool its predicted PR is 5 as submission to over 200 PR4+ directories was done.

    I'm expecting about $4500 USD or above purchase.

    Expecting your bids,

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