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    Stats, E-mail & Other Issues

    I just wanted to throw this out and see if I'm the only one with these issues...I'be been with Gate (fomerly Hostsave) for 6-7 years, I've have three different sites and two that are critical to what we do. I use my site to market my product, thus I find it critical to be able to ahve stats on a daily basis...lately Gate has not been all the good in this area. Occasionally we have also had issues with their e-mail server as well. I'm just wondering if I should move to another provider, or will I experience the same prblems elsewhere?



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    If you do the homework on the potential hosts (check reviews, see their uptime, check their support response) then you shouldnt have any problems switching hosts. There are a good number of bad hosting companies out there and also a good number of good ones. Take a look at the offers section of this site, and do some research. Best of luck in your endeavor.
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    I"ve been looking around...although my time has deen limited. My site is just an extension of my actual business and I produce it myself (by no means do I consider myself an expert, just somewhat knowledable) and there I am just sticking my toe in to test the water. Anyway, thanks for these advise.

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    basically if email is important, then look for host that provide spam protection.
    as with this features, all the domains in the server is somehow protected. when we get less incoming/outgoing spam mail to the mail server, we assure the availability is higher. as i know hostmonster offer these spam protection, and 99.9% uptime. there is many others that offering this as well.

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    The problem with spam protection is it can block legitimate emails. How does a host "know" what emails are spam and what arnt?

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