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    Need VPS Suggestion for Drupal Community Site


    Ive been researching VPS for a few days now and after reading alot and from some past experiences with shared hosting, i feel a VPS would be best for me. I am planning on developing a social article submission / blogging type site made from Drupal CMS. I dont know how many visitors or page views i will be getting so I can really say the specs i need on a server. I was wondering if someone could suggest a good VPS to use under the following conditions:

    Able to run Drupal CMS
    Some level of customer support
    Mail server / mulitple email accounts
    Some admin panel (cpanel or something, but i hear cpanel consumes resources, so anything that does the job)
    High speeds (Drupal will be running over 10 modules, eventually be loaded with articles, hopefully lots of users)
    Ability to upgrade my plan if I need more resources etc.
    And hopefully under 35$/month

    If there isnt anything that meets all of my requirements please suggest something close enough or let me know what my options are.

    THANKS alot..

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    I think you just need to look at the Drupal system requirements and plan to get a vps with plenty of RAM to meet both those requirements and then a little extra for cushion. Check the hosting offers section.
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    Drupal can be memory intensive depending on traffic levels. Min 256MB on Xen suggested.
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    I don't think you need a VPS for that. A decent share hosting account will handle Drupal with 10 modules and tons of visitors.

    Unless of course you want a VPS so you have root access or something,

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    Drupal can be very memory intensive, not suitable for shared hosting for long..

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