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    Webdesigner in need

    (Note: Im not sure if this ist he right forum to post this in, if it isn't, have a mod please move it. Thanks. Also; this thread has nothing to do with hosting, just a layout for a gaming website)

    Hello. Im looking for a good, free webdesigner that wants to help me and themselves by getting their profile up.

    I am the owner of a popular diablo2/counter-strike website, Version three of my site has been in progress for quite a while now. However, we do not have a layout that is good enough for the websites users. All the coding is done for the website and all we need is a layout.

    I have also spent a whole week trying to design a layout, but i simply cannot do one. I feel that every time I open Photoshop I just get worse and worse and become stressed out after doing a few hours of work that belongs in the trash.

    What I need is a good/talented webdesigner that has done previous websites that he/she can show me. The job I need is not such of a big task, mainly a small design but eyecatching. If you seem interested in any way, please reply to this thread.

    Thank you for your Time
    - Subwoofer

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    i am willing to help you. i do webdesign mainly as a hobby, as i have grown frustrated with the hassels of overly-frugel (sp) clients. i have been using photoshop for years now and can work in a variety of scripting environments.

    my portfolio can be found: here

    i have actually been toying with a layout that was originally going to be for my personal project ( but i have tossed it aside. it reflects my current level of skill a bit better than the ones in my portfolio as i have not updated that in a while. the link is: here

    if you are still interested, feel free to email or pm me (email is best).


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