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    Help with choosing Hosting

    I am looking for hosting on a small 20 page site, it has several images and I estimate each page to be 20k taking that some images will only be called once. I am expecting 300 visitors per day and will slowly be building up my traffic so would like to use a company that has the ability to expand my bandwidth. I am worried I just get sold some cheap hosting what questions should I ask and what should I look out for. Thank You in advance.

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    Welcome to WHT. You will find no small number of hosts that can provide this type of hosting to you. The hardest thing will be finding one that is reliable and in which you can trust. I would recommend searching through the offers section of this site, and then doing some research on your hosting options. You also may want to try contacting a few of your potential hosts to see what type of turn around they have on support and sales inquiries. This will help you get a baseline idea of how reliable their services are. Best of luck in your quest.
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    A 20K file size for a page isn't large at all, and 300 visitors per day is also not that much. Bandwidth probably wouldn't be an issue, at least for the first few months (unless you grow extremely fast). Even then, your pages probably wouldn't use anywhere near 10GB of bandwidth per month.

    Just make sure you search these forums and read reviews before signing up with any host.

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    Keeping in mind your budget, I would suggest you put together a list of prospective hosts that you find to fit your needs. Then I would suggest that you shoot an e-mail off to each of them with your requirements and questions. Use the replies that you receive to shorten your list down to only 2 or 3 hosts. Ask as many questions as you want since you are trying to decide which host is best for you. Do us a favor and let us know who you decide to use.

    Good luck with your seach!


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