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    [SEO] Can Google read fixed flash?

    Google can read Flash-files if the characters used are selectable. So far no problem. But everyone knows that Iexplorer currently has a security that will add a border around a Flash-file.

    To get rid of this border all you have to do is write the actuall <embed> stuff into a js file and let JS open it.

    Does anyone know if Google can read that? So basically understand that a flashfile is opened and read what's inside this Flash file?

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    Can google read the content in the flash? I only know that google can read javascript and php script.

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    Don't count on Google indexing your JavaScript-served content or your rank being affected by it.

    A bunch of us on IWDN did a test of various content-serving techniques to see what would get picked up by the jmajor search engines. Here's a link to the test page the group of us created to test this -

    The second entry is the one served up using document.write. If you search for this term in Google, you will see it does not appear.
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