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    Vista Party

    Got this via email the other day...anyone else get it:

    Exclusive Invitation to Our Valuable Windows Community,
    Join us as we celebrate the launch of Windows Vista around the country!

    You've heard the buzz, tested the product and drove excitement and news, now it's time to celebrate! Join us for 24 hours of Windows Vista Launch Celebrations on January 29th and 30th taking place at 30 U.S. retail locations in Best Buy, Circuit City and CompUSA stores. Microsoft has partnered with HP to deliver the ultimate Windows Vista retail celebration events.

    Please join us as we celebrate your contributions in making Windows Vista the most exciting and talked about OS to hit retail. The Road to Windows Vista Launch may have been long, but you have been a huge contributor to delivering a quality product; it's time to show the world the Wow Starts Now with you as our honored guest!

    Here's what the 24 hours of Ultimate Retail excitement looks like:
    VIP Ultimate Celebration events night of January 29th:
    This will be a VIP event where our enthused customers will have the chance to be the first to buy Windows Vista on exciting new PCs. The evening promises lots of excitement with DJs, special offers, pro football player appearances in each store (like Matt Leinart & Shaun Alexander), and much much more. Event goes from 10pm-1am.
    Launch Day events on January 30th:
    This is the day retailers promote the "best day to buy" with traffic generated through broad retail circular promotions and local radio advertising with top market DJs onsite at each store. Included will be hourly giveaways, "Meet the MS experts", partner promos and audience-specific promos (small biz, parents, gamers, etc.), with scenario demos of Windows Vista and 2007 Office. Check your local retailer for actual start time.
    With the next generation of Windows Vista PCs offering new innovations like touch screens and HD experiences, some of the best PC offers of the year, star player appearances, and celebration atmosphere, these events are undoubtedly the best time to see, experience and buy Windows Vista!

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    What if they gave this party and nobody showed up?
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    Where are they being held? which stores?

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    I got this email as well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLKeenan
    Where are they being held? which stores?
    the stores are listed in the emails, but it does not say if the store local to you will be doing that. I am just going to go visit BB and see if they are doing it, and if not....just stay home and work.

    Quote Originally Posted by drhowarddrfine
    What if they gave this party and nobody showed up?
    Guess it would be a boring night for the employees...lots to eat

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