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    domain names only. | | has a Certified Appraisal Value: $1,725.00 - $4,487.00

    offers wanted


    Had an offer for $100 for all three, for a few days only i will be willing
    to sell all three domains for $285 as a package.

    but please do keep sending in yours offers as well.

    i would like to remind people this is for the domains names only not
    traffic or renvene which they get its just down to there name

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    but the traffic is related to the domain right? So in effect if you buy the domain all the traffic to this domain is of course automatically coming in on the new owners end, so you are actualy selling its traffic along with the domain...

    I guess?

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    the sale is based on there names and what ever traffic they do or dont get isnt
    related to this sale.

    if you advertise right then it depends on what traffic u get.

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