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    Whats the best OS for Raq 4s?


    I've got a few Raq 4s, and after much effort have finally got Debian sarge working on it through a NFS system, and patched the kernel. However I've seen quite a few postings that recommend using CentOS. I was wondering if there was any major advantage to using this over Debian. The machines are being used as monitor boxes and backup boxes for some older systems.

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    If you are not going to run websites on them it doesn't
    matter which Linux distribution you choose - as long as
    it's current and maintained.

    For webhosting nothing beats Strongbolt.

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    I tend to agree with ironFist -- StrongBolt is hard to beat, unless you have some legacy reason for something else. Do NOT believe those who will try to get you to run a heavily patched Raq 4 OS.

    I posted a more thorough analysis of the options here:

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    Stay with the Debian.. It's supported by a large group of people, stable and easy to support and I think you can get mulitiple years out of it for sure.

    Do NOT believe those who will try to get you to run a heavily patched Raq 4 OS.
    There you go again slamming my updates. Do you understand that I don't patch old software but instead I build the latest versions of everything I can and if I need to patch something I use the same patches that are part of your Strongbolt product (I use the redhat direct and Strongbolt does not post there srpms.) or build my own?

    Do you Relize your CENTOS has been patched, yes patched old versions patched for security holes 773 times as of today? Do you relize they come out with patches nearly everyday and that some of it is made up of 100's of patches? Just look at the highly patched kernel 987 patches... Talk about patched!

    I don't do that! I run a clean Current System!

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