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Thread: script needed

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    script needed

    I am looking for a script that will gather customer information prior to sending them to the paypal payment page and email it to myself. If this can be done, how much would it cost me to have someone here write it for me so that I can go in and edit it with my own information and use it for different plans?

    Jon Drew
    Synax Solutions Inc.
    info @

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    Synax, post a project on I have gotten scripts created there. They have been of high quality, affordable and fast (creation time)


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    I can do this for you. PM me.

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    Originally posted by :2
    I can do this for you. PM me.
    Not to be nosey, but for how much?

    Monetary value

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    I would be happy to do this for you. I am an experienced PHP programmer, I work efficiently, and provide a quality end product. I'm sure we can negotiate a price within you budget.

    PM me and I can show you examples of my work and provide references, and we can discuss.

    Your time is much appreciated.

    Aretna: Would you be interested about the price because you too need a script of this nature? If so, PM me

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