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    Block9hosting bad experience

    I made a big mistake to have used block9hosting without reading the reviews first.
    I ordered the reseller account on 18 Jan, and at the beginning they appeared to be alive in replying, but when we need support for transferring database from the old host, and got problem at the server side, they just did not reply. I have not received any reply for 3days already, and my client is shouting at me. I have requested a refund, but no reply. Anyone any idea how i can get the money back? I paid via paypal.

    This is terrible experience, i had paid a yearly fee, and then the host let me down, and my clients are leaving me, i am in such a position that i could face businss down...

    Any idea or help out there?



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    Oh dear, that happened to me once but they just closed their website, changed MSN addresses, they used a fake name on paypal so they transfered all their money over to their real paypal aswell.

    I never did get my £50 back. I don't remember the website but.. it's too late for me now anyway.

    Good luck to you, if I had a tip for you, I would tell you but my mind is blank.

    Good luck!

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    another victim there, gosh, how many more?
    their web site is
    so no way we can protect our rights to have the refund?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaderhost
    i had paid a yearly fee
    I don't mean to put you down any more than you're feeling, but why did you make
    a long-term commitment to a host you were just starting out with?

    Meanwhile, did you try to call them as well?

    Administrative Contact:
    Texas International Property Associates
    4041 W. Wheatland
    Suite 156-417
    Dallas, TX 75237
    214-632-7290 Fax
    Good luck trying to get your money back. Worse comes to worse, cut off your loss
    and move on.

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    thanks zan, yearly is cheaper overall and also they should have money back policy.
    thanks for the info, but that is a faxno?

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    I think you should do a chargeback. Contact paypal service and inform them about it all. I believe they'll help you.

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    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, you should always do research before signing up with a web host. Never start out with yearly contracts, you can always upgrade to the annual billing cycle after you've had some experience with the web host.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity70
    I think you should do a chargeback. Contact paypal service and inform them about it all. I believe they'll help you.
    PayPal does not help much with Internet related transactions, in other words intangible items. Open a dispute with them anyways and see if they can do something to retrieve your money.

    Best of luck and keep us posted

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    Just move on as quickly as possible, delay and trying to recover expenses and gain support will cost you more in the long run if you get a reasonable amount of hosting revenue.
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    i paid by paypal, they asked me to cancel subscription and take from there?
    i have done so, so what does this mean? money back already if i have cancelled?

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    i think if its listed in their terms that they provide money back gurantee then the money should come to you....
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