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    Free Server Status Script!


    bbStatus is a FREE server monitoring system, ready for you to download today!

    bbStatus v1.72 [ snowflake ] is avalible to download, and now gives a more graphical interface to the admin.

    bbStatus User Demo
    bbStatus Admin Demo

    bbStatus features are listed below:
    Main Features:
    - Enable and disable ports to be checked on the server.
    - Built in Newsletter system (support HTML)
    - Auto checking using a cron job (will email and failures to the email list)
    - News System so you can notify clients of any problems
    - Installer, for easy install of the system

    v1.70 additions
    - Delete servers listed
    - Integrated with the license system
    - Admin panel now with a graphical interface
    - Easily Customisable

    v1.72 Additions
    - Link Manager

    To download bbStatus TOTALLY FREE, go to Register & Download
    You will be sent a license code via email, and be able to download the script from the confirmation page.


    David Spalton European Webhosting Server Monitoring from 25+ locations worldwide
    UK: 0330 0010 433 US: +1 (646) 233-2289

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    Does the script embed ads like the demo shows?

    If so, are they your ads?
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
    uptime report for

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