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    ssl certificates help please

    hello people i am pretty new to website hosting and designing i am working on a auction script which is now installed and running but my problem begins here
    i have been told i need a ssl certificate now i am unsure to this.
    the reasons given to me where if a new member signs up with the site they fill in there name and address ect now without this ssl certificate this information given is unsecure plus there is no secure page
    can anyone shed any light on this matter please.

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    can any one help please?

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    I guess I am unsure of what your question is. I would recommend using an SSL certificate, especially if you are running an auction script. It is not required, but it will help your users feel much more secured. A regular unsecured line is kind of like a normal garden hose; the water flows through it, but if someone puts a hole in it, water will begin leaking out. (considering the leaking water as some of your customer's private data). An SSL secured line is like an armored hose, much more secure and not nearly as easy to tap into.

    You can take a look at have a 13.99/yr certificate there. On top of this certificate, you will also need a dedicated IP for your website.

    Hope this helps..

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