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    476 + Custom Upload Script has around 400 Video/Files, Football is a great and easy topic to promote and find content, so the task of adding videos should be very easy. Best of all, this video site is targeted towards one topic, so there is more chance for success.

    The Categories are fully customizable, there’s no limit to how many you can have, they’re displayed on other pages throughout the site to make viewing easier. The search is very advanced and you're able to search via many different options.

    The task of uploading Videos is super easy with this script, because you have the ability to upload via url, its been custom coded to allow for youtube videos. So realistically you have access to thousands and thousands of Youtube football Videos.

    Additionally, You can have members registering and uploading Videos, Files, adding tags, multi-uploading and lots more.
    The backbone behind this site, is the script attachmax - which is one of the most fully featured Upload Scripts. The source code is unencoded, so feel free to mess around with the php code.
    Best of all is the site allows users to purchase Memberships via 2co and Paypal Gateway Systems.

    This is a lifetime license of the script - $80 which will be set to be worth $300 as prices are going to rise, with the huge list of new features that are approaching. There's an upgrade script available so you won’t lose any of your members or content.

    You will need a Dedicated Server to get the most out of this site, however a shared host with ffmpeg capability will work here also.
    In regards to Traffic, basically there is very little traffic at the moment, if you're interested in this site, you'll probably be buying footyvideos, for the unique Domain, potential and the Videos/Files. Uploading Videos can be a time consuming task and you may find that uploading 50 Videos a day, with Titles and Tags is about all you can do.

    So you're getting a week’s worth of Videos and lots of content that is rare.

    I'll take offers from $100 and up, included with this is an installation of ffmpeg and other Server Dependencies if needed. If you’ve just bought yourself a Dedicated Server, I’ll set up the server, with everything, DNS, Apache, PHP, Mysql, FTP. (Normally worth around $50 + worth of Service Admin Fee)

    If this isn’t the right topic for you and you're more interested in starting your own personalised youtube, you’ve got the opportunity by purchasing your own copy at
    Happy Bidding, Jony
    Video Script -

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    what kind of webhost needed?
    Does a normal cpanel type with sql and php support is enough?

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