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    Exclamation iX Webhosting and bluehost opinions needed.

    Has anyone ever had bad experiences with these hosts. From what a gather many hate them, and called them scammers. Others love them. I am confused. It seems that every low priced host is terrible from what I can see.

    Opinions are needed please.
    Thank you very much for your time.

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    I had an account with them, but that was some time ago. I didn't have any issues with support and features, but performance wasn't that great - especially bw throughput outside US.
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    Well, you get what you pay for, sometimes you don't. Web hosts that tend to offer a lot for little to nothing is asking for negativity, and as such, can be labelled as a scam sure.

    For those that love them, it's probably because they are using a large quantity of product and still only paying half the price they probably would have to pay to get a lot more.
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    I think if the host doesn't keep the golden rule of hosting - get what you pay for - it disappears very quickly.

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    Do a search for review, I am sure you will find plenty of them. The most complaints you will read about overselling web hosting companies is them suspending accounts or poor/slow performance from their servers.

    I would recommend that you read - and remember you get what you pay for

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiddycent
    It seems that every low priced host is terrible from what I can see.
    What do you mean by "low priced host"? I know of at least half a dozen hosts that offer a low-priced plan and have a fairly good reputation.
    Adam Thompson

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