Hi everybody:

I'm trying to set up a web site for resume writing and career advice. At the starting stages, it'll contain heavily-formatted, word processing documents with limited amounts of pictures and graphics, and most probably with no Flash or other animation. How much bandwidth will I need? How much disk space will I need? Their website is www.stargateinc.com, and this is what StarGate offers:

Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Names Price/month
Basic 100 MB 3 GB 1 FREE $ 6.95
Pro 200 MB 10 GB 2 FREE $ 9.95
Premier 300 MB 40 GB 3 FREE $ 19.95

I will eventually--hopefully within the first (FREE) month--have to add a Shopping Cart, or set it up through PayPal, who offers it for free with your Credit Card Charge Agreement with them. Has anyone experienced credit card payment processing in their website through PayPal? Any similar experience or suggestion?

I've browsed through most comments in the forum and through other web sites for reviews (HostSave, Cendant, etc.), but someone's personal experience and advice is always better than the best review. Thanks a million.

I have checked Yahoo! Stores and although their server may be quite well off on high time, by now their price a bit stiff (about $100.00 a month for a store with Shoppin Cart). I'm not willing to go this far now, not until I see results on a smaller scale first.

I apologize for this long comment, but I needed to ask these questions. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers from Miami!

Rick ~ [email protected] [COLOR=purple]