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    Potential of the .TV domains

    I'm pretty skeptical about ccTLDs that try to market themselves to mean something. But what do you think about the .TV domain? I understand they are trying to market themselves as a "TV" domain. However, with the proliferation of Youtube and the interent, would the term TV still apply?

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    I would never buy .tv domain.

    1) Because they discriminate based on domains perceived value and try to become your business partner by charging exuberant fees for registering domains. Its one thing for a registry to sell domain on a first come first served bases but its completely another for registry to remove most dictionary words and auction them off to the highest bidder.
    Its borderline unethical.

    2) In US market it will compete with .com in any other country it will compete with that county's .com analog. Why register domain that in some % will send traffic to my competition with .com, I rather get name that does what I need in .com Anyone with .com and trademark will get .tv taken from you if they wanted. Absolutly pontless.

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    I had a video website and so I registered .tv domain, but even after several months of hardwork I could not see any benefit of going with .tv

    Any other TLD could have given me the same result that I got using .tv
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    Been around for ages... never got anywhere. Demand Media and VeriSign just trying to pump it up again to make some more money.
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    One thing about these small town ... I mean country ccTLDs is that even their GOVERNMENTS are NOT stable enough to sustain any sort of challenge. So while .de and .ca are good for Germans and Canadians, .tv or .ws may not be so for the rest of us. Who knows? Perhaps tomorrow, we'll wake up to a civil war! LOL! I too have thought about using a .tv for a side video project (and may still go ahead), but I won't bet too much on it with any serious business plan.
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    The problem with .tv is that one day soon it will no longer exist - Tuvalu is expected to be swallowed up by the ocean in the next 50 years.

    And yes, if you go for a foreign ccTLD domain you do need to be mindful of the fact that you are buying something that belongs to another country. I'm sure that buying a .de or .it is safe enough even if you don't live there, but be careful with the more exotic countries. Buy a domain for fun for all means, but don't have your business depend on a .ws or a .cd

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