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    Could you recommend me a good book to learn about the Stock Market?

    Hello, I would like to learn how to trade and such in the stock market, preferably online with sites such as Ameritrade. I do not really understand some of the terminology used in the stock market so I would like to learn more about that. Basically I would like to see how I could invest and earn money in return and possibility enter my own business into the stock market. Can you recommend a book for me that explains how this works? Thanks.

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    I know of a couple of good websites: The Motely Fool and Investopedia.

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    So you would recommend sites over books? Sometimes sites get confusing since they have so much spam and links everywhere instead of going page by page learning what you need to know in steps.

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    It's not as easy to find a good book, with uptodate info on online trading. Take a look at Amazon and order what you find by reviews. They are really helpful ( the opinions of hundreds of people ).
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