Hello everyone. I have a few websites that I would like to try and raise the traffic and PR for, and I think a link exchange would be a great way to start.

Here are a few of the websites I have, and that I would like to exchange links or banners with.

http://www.eqwebhost.com (WebHosting)
http://www.webjunky.info (webmaster resources)
http://www.forum.webjunky.info (webmaster forum)
http://www.netjunky.info (Free webmaster tools)
http://www.crx-si.com (Honda CRX Community)
http://www.rateahost.info (Webhost reviews & ratings)
http://www.exacts.net (dating site "Under Construction")
http://www.resembles.net (hot or not site "Under Construction")
http://www.xf3.org (directory & free subdomains "Under Construction")
http://www.mylucksucks.com (general/personal site "Under Construction")

I would prefer that it was with a website with similar content. If you have a website with similar content to any one of them, please let me know what you want to place a text link on you're website.

You can contact me by email at admin @ eqwebhost.com. Please, only use email to contact me, as I am going to be piosting this on alot of forums and won't be able to check all of them for replies.
Thanks in advance!