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    Need Opinions on CyberWings Host

    hey guys, since i dont know too much about how reliable hosts are, i would like to ask for some advice about whether or not this host is good or not:

    Their connectivity seems to be only four T-1 lines, but they have good packages....mostly annually billed ones and they are very cheap. Please take a look at it and tell me what you think of this host. Thanks!

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    I have had about 8 accounts with cyberwings for about 4 - 6 months now. Their prices just cant be beat. I host a few of my personal sites on their servers. They have their own datacenter, and have live 24/7 support via their chat room, someone is almost always in there (usually about 50 people).

    Overall I rate them:

    Uptime: Average
    Support: Above Average
    Price: Amazing.

    Try them out, and if you dont like them you wont have to lose a lot, their plans cost next to nothing

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    Agree with themmiz.. though they have had a few issues with their upstream provider in the past two days which has resulted in a bit of downtime but on the whole they are great
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    Using them was a hugh mistake. I have been waiting days for them to get their bandwidth restored hoping to backup my database so I could restore it on a real host. I've given up hope of that.

    Cyberwings has without a doubt been the worst hosting experience I've ever had. Need proof, look at the ranting of Shawn White on their own website
    It's horendous.

    Check out

    I'm just waiting for their helpdesk to come back online so I can request a refund. My advice, if you really can't afford a decent host, go to tripod or and use their free services. At least your site will be accessible.

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    You might want to a few months because they've been down a lot nowadays, and you might regret for considering them in the first place. Don't let their prices fool you.

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