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    Thumbs up Sha's Godaddy Review

    I understand that many people may want to view reviews of web hosts to help choose a host for themselves. I've been using GoDaddy for about a year, i am changing to HostGator or something. Although i must say this forum has helped me a whole lot on choosing a site.
    Operating System: Linux
    Space: 200gb
    Bandwidth: 2,000gb

    Now originally i signed up with godaddy with 100gb, i didn't even use 1 % of it suprizing. Joomla doesn't take up a whole lot of space. I did use it for music to useon myspace, and home videos. Their costumer service is one of the best i'v experienced. The support is very knowledgable and it feels like i'm talking to a peer, that knows what i am going thru. Also go daddy upgraded my service from 100gb to 200 gb automatically. There were a couple of negatives, one thing was that i couldn't edit the Php config i guess its understandable due to security. Also i understand that they have a max upload of 8 mb from the site itself. I did go thru some problems with the script, and godaddy has helped me through each problem. The total FTP users you can have is 5, which i had a problem with. The main reason i'm moving to hostgator is the ftp accounts. I'm going to still have my godaddy account active until i have gone through hostgator service.
    Previous Hosts: 1 & 1 (sucked they didn't have MySQL back then GoDaddy Did)
    Godaddy (Rocks, and costumer service was the best)
    Host gator (wish me luck)
    hope you like my review, and than you all who review host's so i can avoid thoughs stupid fake review sites.

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    Thanks for providing us with a thorough review.

    Good luck with your next one

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    It looks like Godaddy does have some happy customers... Best of luck in the future!

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    wow i spent like all day to switch away from godaddy, but i just said screw it lol back to godaddy till i find a better site.

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    Thanks for the review.... Glad to hear GoDaddy is doing better service. hopefully they improve more and more like when they first joined the business.
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