I have several domains registered (about 40) on domainsite. Some .com's, .org's, .net's, etc, etc.

Along with those "normal" domains i also have one .eu domain registered. The problem is that the domain doesn't update like the other ones (the dns are hosted on my server and are configured like the other "normal" domains).

I've been talking with domainsite in the last month about this since i cannot register more dns servers to "serve" the domain nor i can change the actual ones into different IP's. I've made the change to other domains that also moved when i changed my server ip.

I've already called them but the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) picked up and after some menus i had to left a message.

What do you recommend me?

PS: I've already been in onlinenic and I've changed because their control panel was horrible. I only need basic dns control since all the management is made on my server.