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    Unhappy Fully Managed Dedicated Hosts

    ... for Wordpress blogs and phpBB/vBulletin boards....

    been a lurker for sometime but things spun out of control today. I have a couple of blogs in WordPress and one in particular which is a mulitple author (about 60authors) blog. Host is livingdot who really has quite prompt response time. I was on a shared solution. But since last 6 months, my sites would go down many times and LD informed the server was crashing because of my sites. Once we came under DDOS attack on election day and LD mentioned they can't do anything about DDOS... infact according to them no one can do anything under DDOS attacks.

    today as usual my sites went down. but this time LD has taken away all my blogs and shut them down saying they can't risk keeping me on a shared server where they have 200 more clients. they want me to go for a dedicated server - which i'm open to. they mentioned that each time they get the site up they say
    the server load goes to 160 in a matter of seconds...

    Not sure what all this jargon means but i'm here looking for help... any recommendations for fully managed dedicated solutions from hosts who are familiar with hosting Wordpress blogs

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    if you arent spamming, hosting irc, and just operating a normal site, then if they get dDoS'ed, thats not your problem, and they cant really say whether its yoru fault anyways.

    Now provided you are within your bandwidth allotment, again, not your problem.
    if the load is being caused by dDoS, and it just 'happens' to be targetted at you, not your problem as long as your site is secure, its up to them to manage the machines security.

    However of course, if they dont want to host you, they are fully entitled to say so, and can suggest possible alternatives, its up to you to decide that, as for managed hosting, is looking pretty exciting and decent so far. they are new and operate similar system to softlayer, but from chicago.
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    In response to the post above, if you are getting DDoS'd and it's affecting the other customers on the same server, then it is your problem. The hosting company doesn't need to allow you to stay on the server if you are attracting DDoS. Getting your own machine probably won't help though. It might help by taking the DDoS away from that server so their other customers aren't affected, but you'll still be down. You need to look for a company that will be able to stop DDoS attacks. There are many out there, search the forums or google.

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    charles, around 300 US... the thing is inspite of any technical challenges my host has had, I've loved his response times and special attentions to problems. they don't mind to open up my wordpress files in case of issues or restoring etc... very flexible. They have always responded to me within 5 minutes though weekends has always been an issue even though they provide 24/7 support.

    so wud love to have someone who has equally good response times.

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    If you satisfy with the support of your current provider,why don't you get a dedicated server from them?

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    I am in talks with them about it. But also looking to see if I have further options.

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